How To Weld Stainless Steel

weld stainless steelThere’s about three typical methods how to weld stainless steel. SMAW (shielded metal arc) or just stick welding, GMAW, typically called Mig welding (metal inert gas), along with GTAW (tungsten inert gas) or alternatively Tig welding.

Stick or Arc welding.

The techniques for you to learn how to weld stainless-steel with an arc welder are little different  to the welding of mild steel. Usually a smaller gauge stainless-steel electrode is required for the purpose of arc welding stainless-steels. Please note; be aware regarding finished welds,similar to mild steel welds, there’s a layer of slag still left over a finished bead, now with mild steels this slag requires chipping away, on the other hand a stainless steel weld has a tendency to ‘ping’ away while it cools down. This may result in severe damage to the eyes and so at all times use total eye safeguards when welding with stainless-steel welding rods.

Welding Stainless Steel Using A MIG.

Once again much the same procedure applied to mild steels. Naturally you will have to change your mild steel welding wire for stainless-steel welding wire. It’s usually obtainable in 304 as well as 316 grades. Make use of 316 grade stainless-steel wires in increased oxidation zones along with marine purposes. You will additionally want to use argon gas as opposed to c02 which is used for welding mild steel. The process of how to weld stainless steel by Mig welding is typical in the majority of steel manufacturing workshops.

Tig Welding Stainless Steel.

Welding stainless with a TIG is among the most tricky to learn .But in my estimation it’s the more rewarding of processes and gives a pure welded join to the welded joint.

How to weld steel utilizing a tig demands much more technical proficiency, it does however resembles working with the Oxy-Acetylene gas welding method. Tig welding machines feature a smaller hand-held torch which contains a tungsten electrode to generate its arc. Tungsten steel is utilised since it offers an higher than normal melting point. This tungsten electrode, whenever struck towards the steel produces the arc that will start the fusion process; at this stage a stainless steel filler rod will be used to increase substance into the joints. This is when the user requires a steady hand.

Learning to weld stainless steel boils down to making use of the appropriate tools and selecting the most effective procedure to do the job. Just for simple welding of stainless-steel the arc or mig method is going to be sufficient, however, if you’re looking for a high quality surface finish or even are producing a product that needs a nice and clean surface finish for example a industrial foods mixing component part or perhaps a top end bicycle your tig welder will be the best option. Just like every thing utilizing the appropriate procedure as well as plenty of practice will soon allow you to get to weld stainless steel to a professional level before you know it.

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